Power of Great Goddess Maa Bagalamukhi

The Great Goddess Maa Bagalamukhi is the eighth Great Cosmic Wisdom in the Hindi tantric pantheon. She, according to the praises the sages brought to her, owns (among other things) the amazing power to stop or to suddenly cease any movement or any action that occurs both at a macro cosmic and at a micro cosmic (that of a human being) level. This extraordinary ability is related to some other aspects of life like the power to fascinate, charismatic influence, etc.

In fact, the Eastern spiritual tradition asserts that the power which the Feminine Principle holds at a cosmic level has the extraordinary capacity to block, to stop or to immobilize any activity or manifestation. This is the main aspect manifested by the Great Cosmic Wisdom, Bagalamukhi, who represents the universal hypnotic power of the Supreme Divine Power itself.

Bagala means “rope” or “rein” and Mukhi means “face” or “image”. Therefore, Bagalamukhi is the Goddess whose face has the formidable power (through her subtle radiation) to control or to rule any situation or form in manifestation.One of the main aspects manifested by Bagalamukhi is related to speech and that is why she resonates with the Great Cosmic Wisdom Tara, sometimes she is even considered one of her forms.

It is not that difficult to understand this connection if we realize that intense subtle radiation is often related to the manifestation of light; therefore, Tara manifests as Bagalamukhi when the subtle energy of sound manifests as light.

A practical example is a very inspired lecture which fascinates the entire audience to the point that it becomes immobile and focused both physically and mentally on the speaker. Therefore, Bagalamukhi is the fascinating radiation which derives from the subtle Divine Logos endowing the speaker with huge force and a paralyzing impact upon his listeners.

Thus, Bagalamukhi grants the speaker the power of making decisive assertions, of expressing final conclusions forcefully and eloquently and of declaring his/her opinions on the fundamental truths of life with great authority and impact. That is the reason why Bagalamukhi is appealed to with fervor when one looks for inspiration in his/her speeches, debates and assertions.